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The undergraduate (UG) examination results dashboards below summarise the outcomes of the current academic year's examinations. It also provides time series comparison with previous years' results. The census date for extraction of data, on which dashboards are based, is 31 July of each academic year and the tables do not reflect any amendments to the results made at a later date.

It is important to note that unlike most Higher Education providers in the UK, the University of Cambridge does not assign the official class to an overall degree; instead individual examinations are graded. The outcomes of first degrees reported in the annual student return to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) represent the results of the student's final year of study and due to differences in the timing of data extraction will not match exactly to the numbers published here. The best approximation of the overall degree classification from the data in this dashboard can be achieved by selecting 'last year of course' option in the 'year of course' filter.

We encourage all users of the dashboards to familiarise yourselves with the notes on the data, which appear on the first 'Read Me' tab. For more information please contact us at

Members of the University can sign up to view more detailed statistics via Tableau server, for more information click here (login required).


UG examination results by course

UG examination results by college